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Work Flow -  Teleradiology

Teleradiology is a critical process that involves the remote transmission and interpretation of medical images for diagnostic purposes. Here are key process steps that we follow in teleradiology:

  1. Image Capture : Medical images such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRI's are taken at a healthcare facility or imaging center.

  2. Image Transfer : The acquired images are securely transmitted electronically to us.

  3. Data Encryption : Images are encrypted to ensure patient privacy and data security during transmission.

  4. Image Storage : Images are stored in a secure, accessible database for reporting, future reference and quality control.

  5. Image Pre-processing : Initial adjustments, such as image enhancement and annotation, may be performed to optimize the images for interpretation.

  6. Radiologist Interpretation : Our qualified radiologists on board review the images remotely providing a detailed and accurate diagnostic report.

  7. Quality Assurance : The report and images are subjected to quality control and peer review to ensure accuracy and compliance with standards.

  8. Report Generation : Our radiology consultants generate a comprehensive diagnostic report, which includes findings, impressions and recommendations.

  9. Report Delivery : The final report is securely transmitted back to the referring healthcare facility or physician, enabling them to make informed treatment decision. 


Throughout this process, adherence to privacy regulations and data security is of utmost importance to protect patient information using secured VPN. Additionally, timely communication and collaboration between our radiologist team and healthcare providers are maintained for quality patient care.

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