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Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings

The concept of multidisciplinary treatment approach has been derived from the concept of Best Medical Practice using Evidence Based Medicine. The pioneers of MDT approach and EBM has been advocated by National Institute of Clinical Excellence UK. Joint meeting of experts including radiologists, pathologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists and other experts discuss the case. The discussion helps primary care physician to have consensus opinion of experts for the best outcome of patient care. The MDT approach reduces the chances of mismanagement as experts are involved in giving online advice.


MDT discussion

By International Experts

Radiologists, pathologists specialized in various areas, including surgical pathology, oncopathology, cytology & haematology discuss with clinical team to provide in-depth insights.

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Dr Shilpa Santosh


Consultant Histopathologist, Cytopathologist & 

Clinical Director

GMC UK Registration  605 9872


Expertize in reporting oncopathology, dermatopathology, GI biopsies, urogenital biopsies, IHC reporting, gross pathology, cytopathology reporting, holding and chairing tumor board / MDT meeting.

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