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About Siya Diagnostics 

Siya Diagnostics International was established as an UAE based diagnostic firm in the year 2019 and has its international wings at UK and India. Success of the model lies in adoption of robust technology involving superior resolution in radiology and pathology imaging, collaboration with international certified radiologists and pathologists, remote access reporting, meticulous data management and quality assurance. The team has established highly proficient multi-disciplinary meetings that incorporate cross team meetings involving radiologists, pathologist with concerned specialist clinical team that brings the best of knowledge transfer and formulate best treatment plan in complex medical conditions.

Making Difference in Future Diagnostics


We look forward to pioneer the future of healthcare diagnostics through telepathology and teleradiology reporting, creating a global network of seamless, accessible and advanced diagnostic services.


Our vision is to establish next generation reporting system revolutionizing the diagnostic industry through telepathology and teleradiology reporting. We are dedicated to providing timely and precise diagnostic solutions, leveraging cutting-edge technology, enhancing collaboration and bring expertise of our specialized teams beyond boundaries.

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Dr Shilpa Santosh

Consultant Histopathologist, Cytopathologist & 

Clinical Director

GMC UK Registration  605 9872

Expertize in oncopathology, dermatopathology, GI biopsies, urogenital biopsies, IHC reporting, gross pathology, cytopathology reporting, holding and chairing tumor board / MDT meeting.

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